Joining the servers

We've got two servers running:


For Windows users:

If this is your first time connecting to any of the servers, you may get a prompt from Windows Firewall asking if you want to give the game access. If you do, allow it through the firewall, otherwise you might have problems connecting.

..via the main menu

To naivgate to the main menu, press Esc on the title screen.

Multiplayer β†’ Specify IPV4 Address β†’ Input the IP Address β†’ Press Enter

So, for example, if you wanted to connect to the main server, you'd enter in the input box.

Here's a short video for reference:

Upon joining, if you are missing any of addons on the servers, the game will display a prompt informing you of such and how much needs to be downloaded.

Press Enter to begin downloading, or Esc to cancel the connection.

..via the console

For a faster alternative to connecting, you can connect to the server via the in-game console.

To access it, press the tilde (~) key just below the Esc key when you're on the title screen.

An image of the tilde key being highlighted on a keyboard

From there, you should be shown a console prompt where can you can enter console commands.

In order to connect to one of the servers, all you have to type is

connect <ip_address>
where you would substitute <ip_address> with the actual IP address.

Here's another video demonstration, using as an example:


All I see is "Connecting to server..."

A screenshot of the game with a red loading bar with the caption, 'Connecting to server...'